Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Harsh Floods to Krishna River created havoc to the livelihoods of the people …..

Nature is Furious because we are handling it in an irresponsible manner
It is very painful to discuss about the unimaginable heavy floods caused by Krishna River in Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India and the sufferings of the masses, mainly the poor who are residing closer to its banks. Though heavy rain is the main cause of this devastation, irresponsible management, inappropriate preparedness to deal with unexpected hazards of this kind and inadequate cooperation between the managers of the major dams of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh states to deal with the floods is equally responsible.

So far about 63 people have died, more than 500 villages are submerged and thousands have lost their belongings including cattle and homes. The affected are suffering without shelter, food and even safe drinking water. Thousands of people from neighboring villages and towns are voluntarily participating in the rescue operations by providing food, clothes and water instantaneously and exhibiting the unimaginable human response to the sufferings of the people.
Our organization, Mass Education is planning Rehabilitation Action Plan in collaboration with the local NGOs. Five NGOs have decided to form Rehabilitation Group. This group will make a rapid assessment of the dire needs of the victimized communities and try to extend its support on priority basis to those who lost their livelihood base and shelter. We feel that it takes years to rehabilitate these victims. We need the support of National and International Agencies, Individuals to take up this gigantic task. We will approach the donors after making the status appraisal.
Khasim, Mass Education

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