Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alliance for 5 Life Sustaining Elements

Alliance for 5 Life Sustaining Elements
Dear friends,
I am happy to inform you that 6 senior NGOs working in Andhra Pradesh have come together and formed into an alliance by name 'Alliance for 5 Life Sustaining Elements' (ALSE) -- Pancha Bhoota Parirakshana Samstha. The long term objective of ALSE is the sustainable conservation and management of the basic elements ( 5 great classical elements: land, air, water, fire and space) in harmony with nature. Right now ALSE is preparing plans to work in the floods affected districts of Andhra Pradesh, India. The main objective of its immediate plan is to assist the affected families to restore back their livelihood bases and also to assist the people living in the vulnerable villages, (which are located close to river banks), to manage similar disasters with bare minimum losses by training them in disaster preparedness.We are trying to mobilise resources from various sources to implement its plan.I will let you know about our actual action plans soon.
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