Sunday, July 13, 2008

Global Warming

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dear friends,

Earth is the only planet suitable for living beings

Global warming is the biggest threat we are facing today. There is a need to create awareness on the seriousness of this problem among all the people across the globe. Unless everybody takes part in protecting our natural resources we cannot protect our planet, which is the only known place where life can survive in the entire universe. Before discussing the various strategies to be adopted to tackle the challenging issue of Global Warming I would like to focus on the best suitable approach to be followed to understand the environmental issues in the Indian context.

'Pancha Maha Bhoota' is an old concept

In this article I would like to use the terms ‘Pancha Maha Bhoota’ as a synonym to paryavaran (a Hindi word , which means Environment), because it has strong roots in the Indian cultural / religious / spiritual background.

The Indian public is more familiar with these words rather than any other recent terminology used for Environment. ‘Pancha’ means Five, ‘Maha’ means Great and Bhoota means life sustaining Element.

No other planet in the universe seems to have a combinations of all has all 5 elements

It is the duty of the all wise and responsible persons to create awareness among the common people that the so called 5 basic elements of life, the PANCHA MAHA BHOOTAS (Earth, Air, Water, Space or Ether and Fire or Energy) are existing only on EARTH, in our Solar Family. No other planet seems to have a combination of all these five elements.

Pancha bhootas are the forgotten Gods !!

In India the concept of Pancha Maha Bhoota exists since time immemorial. There is a mention about them in our ancient literature. It indicates that our ancestors have understood the importance of these basic life sustaining elements long back it self. In fact they treated water, fire, earth, air as superpowers and used to pray or honor them with respect. It seems they took many steps to preserve the pancha maha bhootas. Unfortunately, in course of time, the present Gods (Eswar, allah, jesus etc), have come into picture. As a result the people have forgotten the Pancha Maha Bhootas as the Real Superpowers or Gods.

Rivive the ancient status for panchabhootas

We have to create awareness among the people that the so called "Gods" or the the great Kaliyug (Modern ) 'God Men '/ 'Godesses ' who claim to have superpowers cannot protect our precious Earth from present mega threat of climate change and consequent global warming. Hence there is an urgent need to revive the ancient status, importance and respect for the Pancha Maha Bhootas.

No need to pay bribes to these Natural Gods! Conservation is the best offering or prayer!

We have to divert the attention, energies, time and resources of the masses from the so called Gods to natural resources / Pancha Maha Bhootas. The best way to respect the Pancha Mahabhootas is to conserve and manage them in a sustainable manner, stop any attempt by any body or any human force to harm or destroy them. There is no need to bend our heads before them, break the coconut, offer garlands or pay gifts (Bribes-!!) as we have been doing to please so called Gods. The conservation is the best way of respecting or praying the natural gods, the Pancha Maha Bhootas.For example:

(a)planting a sapling,
(b)watering a drying tree,
(c)stopping mindless hacking of trees,
(d)preserving wild life,
(e)adopting minimum usage of water,
(f) stop polluting the mother Earth and streams, rivers, lakes etc.

Visible Gods!!

I have started this blog to share my views with like minded / rational minded friends and contribute my humble efforts in preserving our Real Gods, whom we can see, touch or feel their existence. This is the right time to start preventing the further deterioration of our life sustaining elements.

Future generation won't excuse us

I invite you all to come forward, share our concerns on the burning issue of climate change / global warming and evolve a common platform /action plan to stop the mindless damage to our planet and preserve it for our future generation otherwise they will not excuse us.

I request you to give your valuable impressions and feed back on my views. You can also give your understanding of the panchabhootas and suggest the strategies to educate the masses about the importance of conserving the the panchabhootas.

I will contunue to share my ideas with you all in my next post.
With best wishes



Reshma said...

This is a very good post. I am always amazed at your greatness in thought.

One thing though, it has been soooo long since you wrote another post. I know you have been very busy looking after dada.

I hope you will find time to write another informative/insightful post sometime soon.

Also, hope you're finding time to practice yoga.

రాజేంద్ర కుమార్ దేవరపల్లి said...

very educative,please resume your blogpostings